AXID Power Electronics

On demand and customization of power electronics solutions :
Power electronics from 10W to 100kW
Numeric and analog electronic
Embedded software
Industrialization, simulation, engineering
Expertise, consulting, assitance, audit
Prototype and small productions

Test bench and custom converters

Power electronic, numeric, analog, microcontrolers
test bench and electronics simulators for all applications
Prototypes and small productions

gcl charge electronique à réinjection réseau

GRID connected load

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nos services en électronique de puissance

Power electronics solutions

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nos réalisations en électronique de puissance

Power electronics products

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nos domaines de compétences

Competence area

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Railroad, defence, marine,
industry, aeronautics, energy, automotive,
renewable energy

Grid connected converters expert

Range of products for all your needs :
CAPA : Grid connected PV inverters
GCL : Grid connected load

Photovoltaic inverters turnkey factory

With more than 5 years experiences in photovoltaic inverters, AXID offers a new service : inverters turnkey factory